Tax Credits for First Time Home Buyers

Hello everybody, Keith Collins, Keith CollinsTeam Coming to you today with an awesome update; tax credits for first time home buyers

You heard it We’re doing the mortgage credit certificate What is it? So, for first time home buyers we can potentiallyget them a 20% tax credit for the interest that they pay per year So, if someone pays $10,000 in mortgage interestover a calendar year, they would potentially get a $2,000 tax credit and then be able to write off the other 80% of the interest It’s a very cool loan program

It does need to be set up at origination of the home loan There’s a very small application fee related to it If you have any questions, just give me a call Oh! And we can use it actually as income on the application to help someone qualify for a home loan or potentially qualify for more home If you have any questions, please give us a call

It’s Keith Collins, Finance of America