Skibbereen Glow Fun Run 2018 – Great Community Fundraiser – Cope and Bring Home James Deasy Fund

Skibbereen Glow Fun Run which is in its fifth year it's a fun event the word run is in it but its not, you can walk it and you crawl it, you can run it, it's non-competitive, it's family friendly, its buggy friendly, it's for everybody really, all ages and there will be prizes for fancy dress as well Hi-vis vests whatever but would love to see people with their faces painted with glow paint or wearing glow glasses, glow headgear whatever

This year 2018 it's for again it's for Cope which will receive 50% of the proceeds and this year of the other recipient will be the Bring James Deasy Home Fund James as you know had a terrible accident last year in his home in Union Hall and he needs a lot of rehabilitation and the house has to be changed to an to suit James his needs and his family's needs The Fun Run is on this year on Friday the 16th of February will be starting at 8 o'clock in the evening which is the unusual thing about it, its at nighttime so that's why it's called The Glow Run and it starts in the Eldon Hotel

Everybody's welcome, you have to register online and if you go to our Facebook page the link is there, you can book on there but as we get closer to the event we will probably will be allowing people to register offline, so just keep an eye on the Facebook page, all information will be there Thanks for watching and we hope to see you there!