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This is our land – how to make your own opportunity landscape richer
 Short term loans  Swift and easy finances at home
Image by Julian Partridge
* opportunities don’t grow on trees [any more] – they have to be engineered

It would be indiscreet [wouldn’t it!?] for me to reveal her name.

But her title is a real giveaway: JCP "Performance Manager" – she’s the most senior person in the room today, here in my friendly little local JCP soup kitchen; set-up just for "scroungers" like me.

She introduced herself as my "Advisor" for today.

I’d call her a bully.

I was interrogated by her for 2 hours [interrogation is the right word – criminal suspect / illegal immigrant style… except without the video recording to expose her bullying, sadly!] – for what was supposed to be a quick 5-minutes "That all looks all in order, Mr Partridge! Keep it up! We think you are a role model to everyone in situations like yours! I know it’s tough; but your money to refund your last 2-weeks food rations are now released for you, and don’t worry – we’ll keep doing our best to look out for you! After all, we’re all on the same side here, aren’t we?"

[I know: Julian’s in la-la land again!!]

Well this excessively scrutineering and wasteful JCP gauntlet that I was now obliged to endure here, had been triggered by a recent complaint I’d made about my other friendly DWP "support" centre – the one tasked with delivering my "personalised" package of systematic back-to-full-employment support; all insightfully architected to "help me achieve my best future interests in work and life".

Yer! Right!!

They were doing nothing of the sort.

That DWP-financed Work Programme Provider of mine was, in truth, demeaning me; hindering me from my real job recovery programme. At times, actually causing me damage.

And it was all happening in our new British National culture of "we think you don’t want to work! we think you’re a sciver! we think you are a scrounger. we hate you – you ~benefits claimant~ you. We’ll make you dance – JULIAN!"

[And make that last naming of your writer in his Work Programme provider’s "service" as patronising and as belittling as you can – grit your teeth; stand up and make it a taunt to a fist fight, why don’t you? That was the manager’s behaviour in his den when I’d foolishly complained about the nasty treatment of my new ‘Advisor’ there.]

I won’t be naming those two either.

But at least that manager had been a bit more upfront and honest about the real process that’s going on here [the JCP keep putting "… TO HELP YOU" on all their threatening documents which promise to starve you to death should you not comply]

No, this manager, Mr WPP [an ex building site worker, he’d told me, and now miraculously the perfect candidate to populate the £4 billion tax trough that is doled-out to people like Ms JCP and him to "help" people like me and mine] was honest with me at the start of my work programme ordeal some 9 months ago now, when explaining to me my rights in his care. You have no choice. We manage your jobseeking now. It will be "brutal", he’d advised.

[His manner and anecdotes just spewed the irrational hate of all benefit claimants… maybe I should have just let him pin a yellow star on my duffle coat?].

But Mr WPP and his merry men will pocket a cool £4,400 for "getting me off benefits" — sorry: for "helping me to rebuild my successful future" — and in the meantime, I? I will continue to get my £10 a day ration money – but here’s the rub – I’ll get it alright, but only if I *beg*.

And at any moment in this "service", and without telling you that it may be coming, any one of your exceptionally talented, wise and compassionate "Advisers" can decide to make you beg a little harder. They can launch another little painful exocet deliberately into your bows…. just cos they ~feel~ like it.


Because they enjoy it and they know they can get away with it; that’s why.

[One honest JCP officer – yes, another lady, but in Cornwall this time – inadvertently admitted how powerless they know you to be. I had asked how to complain about some very shoddy treatment I’d been subjected to way back then and this lady had said to me quite openly right back to my angry face: "You can write and complain, but it won’t do any good." But I looked more like the tramp I was back then; and I was often down to my last £2 on sign-on day, so I really would have starved or turned to crime if she’d stopped my money back then – so I was easy prey, wasn’t I. The ideal bully’s victim.]

[And, later on another young lady, heavily pregnant and shielded by a couple of security guards did just that! (That was St Austell JCP). She unlawfully blocked the release of my due benefit to force me to…… To beg.]

… But I repeat myself!

I dearly hope you have never been in a position of evil abuse. I realise so many are. And, I do also realise, so many are abused in far, far more extreme circumstances than that of my little white-collar drama here.

But my abuse is still abuse. It’s the kind (but not the severity, thank Christ) of abuse like that battering family member who comes home drunk nights meters out; when you’ll never know if tonight will be the night they’ll choose to use their crowbar on you instead of the customary belting. It is the emotional abuse [sounds too girly, doesn’t it] the emotional abuse of being constantly kept in the dark with the constantly uncertain promise looming over you that tonight might be a very bad night for you indeed! And that there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

When you truly need JSA – this £10 per day to live on that I critically need right now [the legal minimum the law says you need for a human existence, apparently] – when you really do need this, any sign of a suspension or sanction is the crowbar to you. You shake like a little girl.

[Well I do, now.]

And what about standing up to your abuser, I hear you advise?..

Well I stood up, see. I complained about his disservice to my work programme service manager. I complained about the hateful and demeaning and purely negative treatment I got from my new "brutalising" Advisor of his [I had developed quite a warm relationship with his predecessor – demeaning tho his pointless summonses were to me still].

And I complained about the total disregard for my time in all this. "Why, have you somewhere you need to be?" Mr WPP junior had sneered back at me when I’d pointed out his rudeness in keeping me waiting – again – without apology.

And I complained about Mr WPP senior – the manager himself – for his own demeaning and threatening behaviour when I had first raised a concern about that new muppet of his.

And while I was at it, I complained about the 6 months of a complete lack of any significant positive help; about actually being barred from business support. [You are no longer entitled to the JCP NEA scheme once they hand you off to the Work Programme.] But Mr WPP knew that – not his problem.

[Or perhaps he didn’t – perhaps he’s a total bluffer, just in it for the easy payout!? — I usually find the one’s causing the most aggro in business teams are the one’s hiding the biggest secret of all: their total incompetence, save for bluffing…. And the organisations that are dead on their feet are the ones where the bluffers have taken over: bluffers working for bluffers reporting to bluffers. Everyone gets off with murder cos no one is above who knows any better.]

[Nor will I be naming any of them! – but you know who you are.]

[By the way, the NEA scheme would entitle you to devote 100% of your time to business development, ie not expect you to pointlessly apply for job vacancy ads at the same time + give you a £1,274 grant + £1,000 loan funding — you’d have to suffer another muppet telling you what to do and scrutinising your life for the next xx months /years, tho. Another poison challis courtesy Mr Gov and all his Girlfriends]

You see, I had [rightly] cut short my last meeting with Mr WPP junior (the one with the belt) [to put an end to my belting — for he wouldn’t stop tho I’d asked twice] and, as soon as I had exited the building, I became fearful – terrified – terrified that he would just type in "Mr Partridge has failed to cooperate" on his desktop computer and Julian would instantly be sanctioned – starved… For what…4 weeks, 13 weeks – no one has said clearly…

Oh but it doesn’t matter! It’s the principle of the thing that gets you; it’s the endless mistreatment that finally shoves you over the edge.

And wouldn’t you believe it, hear and now, some weeks after that event, and after I’d finally stood up for myself like this, I find myself in the JCP office today, happily trotting in to my usual 2pm Wed sign-on meeting, properly armed with my DWAS and my list of applications crammed full, all as "agreed", feeling….

… well, shitting myself if I’m perfectly honest! Tho I was trying to man-up to not show it. [I think I really am recovering – slowly – from some kind of PTSD!]

Now this nice Ms JCP lady is calling out for me after a goodly wait in her waiting area.

"Mr Partridge!" [at least she didn’t demean me in public by summoning me by my first name like they do in that Work Programme den – that’s something at least] and she’s smiling at me, in a benign and beckoning way, as I stand up and approach her, smiling back.

[but I’m still in the dark – is her’s the smile of the crocodile?…]

We’re sat at her desk. [but she omits to apologise for keeping me waiting…hmmm]

"I’m here to check your job search" Ms JCP advises.

That’s OK, Julian’s thinking: I like it when they are honest and plain about all this – so rare.

"Have you been seeking work?"


Julian hands over his written record of his job search, as agreed.

6 pages. 2 well laid out sheets for each benefit week straddled. One sheet shows all the steps Julian has been taking developing his business strategy as well as vacancy flogging and a host of other office-like steps to cope and progress all his responsibilities as part of his full programme of work creation and job capture, and showing how much time he has invested this past fortnight, in a clear calendar format. And one sheet shows a standardised list of applications of all types he’s made. At a glance: clearly well above the legal minima expected. Perfect…. Pay the man his wages.

Er… No.

"I don’t understand it." Ms JCP pronounces her "decision" deadpan – with no risk of loss of dignity on her part.

Huh? Hands trembling now. Julian leans forward, but now he is uncontrollably appearing too desperate to be believed – a "certain" sign for Ms JCP to justify her prior conclusion of his guilt.

"Go over there and fill in this Actively Seeking Employment stencil." She knows her power now, she’s dropped the beckoning smile. She doesn’t have to "invite" his cooperation any more. This is her meeting. He will have to dance until she’s ready to press the F11 key to release his money – she knows that’s all he wants [and she is right on that one]. Look: she’s not even bothering with his name now either!

What do you want me to write!?

Julian is afraid now. If this new sheet is not "understood" by Ms JCP, then Julian’s last 2 weeks food money – already spent and eaten – is in jeopardy. And worse: there’ll be endless hassles appealing and all the rest to get it [for Julian CANNOT AFFORD to lose it], and all that distress that he’ll go through again at "home"… the total destruction to his productivity yet again. That’ll cost Julian far more than the loss of the £143 food money that is apparently all that’s at stake here!

"We’ve had a letter from xxxx about your refusal to cooperate".

Bingo. Julian sees it now. His reputation in this puny little world has just been trashed by that work programme manager; Mr WPP will be sure he’s getting *his* £4,400 payout; who cares what ~JULIAN~ thinks!

If you’ve not been in this position recently, you won’t understand the problem here.

The form Ms JCP wants me to fill in is really basic but it has exactly the same structure as the record I presented (and which I have been presenting for some 6 months now perfectly above board and accepted by all my previous sign-on officers).

Her "standard" form has boxes for steps in week 1, steps in week 2 with dates, and a table for listing applications [4 only – my sheets list 20 applications per page] with exactly the same fields as my sheet has (I designed it like that for that precise reason).

And the legal "agreement" only requires something "written" – it does not require any special format…. Only Ms JCP has all the power, see. She has the full might of the Secretary of State here. Her decree IS the law. And she knows it.

So if she "doesn’t understand it"…. well… She will just have to require Julian to present his information in a way that satisfies HER, won’t she?

[After all, Julian’s time is of no consequence: he’s got nowhere else to be… or has he!? Is he really available for work? I think he’s defrauding us! I’ll show him!!!…]

The bottomless negative scrutiny goes on and on…

Julian is explaining [pleading] his dilemma. He is desperately short of time and he is critically vulnerable to any stops on his cash.

Ms JCP has deaf ears.

But Julian is now becoming an expert in this stupid game.

I want that request in writing, please. Julian requests, standing up for himself (he hopes).

Ms JCP obliges. I’m giving you a "Jobseeker’s Direction" [this is another hoop for Julian to jump through, on instant pain of sanction should he decline]. So Ms JCP serves Julian with a letter demanding him to appear in 2 weeks with her chosen sheet format filled in [OR ELSE!].

[I’m reading her letter to me as I write this piece; it’s on that off-white, ecofriendly recycled paper that the JCP like to show themselves using these days (looks like public loo toilet paper). It is a 3-page standard typed letter headed Dear Mr Partridge… And in 14pt heavy bold font above my name and title it reads: "IMPORTANT – ACTION TO HELP YOU FIND WORK". (and on the second page of reams of dense explanatory text it reads: "…[otherwise] your Jobseeker’s Allowance and National Insurance credits will be stopped." Well that letter is clear.]

So Julian accepts without a fuss.

But he’s not capitulating so easily today. I don’t understand what you want me to write here, he explains benignly, trying really hard to not lose his temper. He goes on: because you say you don’t understand, and this new form is asking for precisely the same information. And you just have a little box for each week – and I have a full sheet: I’ll just be writing all the same things out again; and you still won’t understand!?

[But I was getting enraged inside by now]

Ms JCP concedes. "I’ll write it out for you" she offers kindly.

So Julian is made to read out his sheets line by line and to explain each entry in such simplistic terms so that Ms JCP might let each pass without a swift belt round the ear…

And Ms JCP filters Julian "positive steps" to suit her little empire. "Don’t include time you spent complying with xxxx" "Only include time you spent looking for work."

"Don’t include time you spend with JCP" "Only include time you spent looking for work."

"Don’t include time you spent on your education" "Only include time you spent looking for work."

[Without realising it, Julian’s fallen into a childlike submissive role here, as if to a fierce and belittling instructress, timidly feeding this lady’s need for absolute dominion.]

Another hour or so later, the rewriting is finally done.

Ms JCP has roughly filled in parts of her sheet, adding 3 sides of additional sheets of off-white bog paper with all of Julian’s dated steps and applications that she could be bothered to include.

[Her writing looks dyslexic – she’s got all the dates out by one month, and the grid has not been filled in in the right places, and the applications are not listed as the form intends at all: she has a clear problem writing out – and "understanding" – forms!!]

"Well I’m happy you have been seeking work but you are spending too much time on your business." she pronounces.

Julian does not say anything.

"I’m going to vary your agreement." she decrees.

So Ms JCP types up a new agreement for Julian on her screen. "At least 2 applications per week. 30 hours jobseeking. Use jobmatch account actively 5 days a week. Keep phone on 9 – 5."

*** So she’s gone and removed all reference to Julian’s core effort in the development of his business!

I don’t agree with that. Julian is defiant. What will happen if I don’t sign? Will my benefit be suspended!?

Ms JCP is not sure – she goes away and asks a junior. She comes back. "Yes, your benefit will be suspended."

And will I get my last 2-weeks money?

"No." Neither of her eyes blink.

You need to take my hardship into account.

"I’m not taking that into account."

This is coercion.

"You are an adult. Sign it or don’t sign it." [this is a literal quote – I was noting it down as fast as it was being spewed out]

What did you say!!?

But Ms JCP is untouchable. She is calmly serene. No care whatsoever. [smiling inwardly to herself, a mental vision of her belt and crowbar appears in her mind, and it pleases her]. She gives no reply.

Julian signs the "Agreement".


[By the way, my previous agreement – which I *did* actually agree to even tho I had absolutely zero sane choice in the matter for precisely the same reason as in today’s little debacle; and which, by the way, was crafted only 4 weeks earlier; by the very same JCP office! – read: "I am seeking work full-time and splitting that time between advertised vacancies, speculative approaches and developing my business plan. I will provide a written record of my search."]


Meanwhile, Julian has been actively developing his business plan.

The picture above is of a spreadsheet tool I now employ to power my own RED process. I am working on a toolset to support the core RED process which I am naming R1. The opportunity landscaping process is an essential part of the RED method, and I have now adopted a Google spreadsheet as a neat [and currently free] platform to support this step.

Enterprise development is not just a matter of "business planning". That’s the easiest step about three-quarters down the line of the typical bluesky enterprise lifeline. It’s the mundane bit of declaring your incorporation structure and estimating your ability to repay your first bank loan. I doubt few potentially successful entrepreneurs will need help for that bit – I certainly won’t.

And that conventional business plan step presupposes you have a normally viable business model pre invented and in the bag, just needing a spot of finance to get it going.

Big assumption!

Right now, the opposite is often true: your idea is not viable. Not unless you have done the really hard yards beforehand to actually *invent* a viable business model. Ie to develop greenfield turf and to discover something that everyone else has missed – a real breakthrough – and to work it, and to honestly test it, and to hone it to prove it’s true viability at scale.

That’s what RED is all about.

And that’s what a good toolset to support RED should do for you.

Hence, R1 LANDSCAPE – one of the 7 or 8 core RED tools to be.

The R1 LANDSCAPE process is where your new enterprise business case is formed.

It is helpful just as a map of a new land just colonised by the British would have been.

It shows where the fresh water is; where the arable lands are; where the port and strong vantage points lie; where the coal reserves are hidden; and where the hostile natives might launch their insurgency strikes from next. It’s only thru the local settler community’s insightful and robust management of this territory – this "opportunity" – that their future lives and wealth shall emerge.

The opportunity landscape here is a combination thing; no single item is the sole key – it’s awareness and exploitation of all the features in this new landscape in an integrated way that is the source of your future growth and profit in this place.

So it is with enterprise development.

It is not the single cracking idea that you just thought up in the bath this morning that will automatically lead to a viable new business organisation (for want of just a reasonable bank loan to "set it free").

No. It’s the combination of that new idea with the space to make it useful and the timing to make it valuable and the support and interconnections and talent to make it all doable.

Bluesky enterprise development is not boilerplate, government approved "business planning"; it’s inspired creativity and hard-won invention.

And the power of R1 LANDSCAPE is not in the authoring tool itself nor the design of the visualization you produce with it. It is the *questions* that it guides you to ask of yourself in this new situation, and the way it helps you to keep all the related parts of what will be your supportive culture for entrepreneurship in clear view, that is it’s secret.

And the principal question it asks you is it’s whole reason for existence, in my view. For it asks: how many jobs can we create here?

And, like a good map, and like a new neighbourhood that you are now visiting with your loved ones to see if you’d feel happy moving here, it needs to be beautiful. It needs to draw you in.

For you are the sponsor. You need to be compelled to invest your time and capital here, don’t you!


I’ll present the whole R1 toolset as a new #openREDtools product soon, but for now I want to pre release this part because I find my progress is getting bogged down.

Now I’m of a mind that a more fun way to progress all this – including my own return to prosperity – would be to show, LIVE, Julian’s own RED-powered enterprise development journey.

You see, I am developing the tools that work for me on the fly, concurrently as I develop my own business interests. I like this way of working. It’s faster and funner.

So in a while the R1 toolset will emerge as a pretty sound offering for anyone to use because it will already have been tested in battle. And if we chat openly about my own use and developments as I progress… we’ll that’ll save a hundred thousand words by way of guidance from writers like me!

So we all win. We all get a powerful RED toolkit. You get a free education. And I get a new life.

[And absolutely no coercion intended or caused if you do use it, as far as I can see!?]

[Sorry Ms JCP and Messrs WPP – you won’t be needed. But we wish you well in your future careers!]



OPPORTUNITY: A space or territory or collection of assets occupied by a community combined with a ready and trusted model of how it shall be exploited as a system for their future profit. A ready platform upon which a productive enterprise may be formed. A kind of capital. A profit source. Note: a single component of a system is not considered an opportunity in itself.

Eg when a commercial developer puts a 100-foot ad sign up to attract gullible entrepreneurs to sign-up for 12-year rent contracts for their Spanish bond-backed newly built vacant office space, saying "EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TO LET" – it isn’t.

R1: a toolkit for inventing and developing enterprises and for creating jobs using the RED method. A trademark of Julian Partridge.

R1 LANDSCAPE: a tool and method for developing and visualising opportunities. Presents the sponsor’s view of the focus of new ventures within a particular community setting. The landscape says clearly and visually what you want to do, where, and why you intend to invest. It frames transformational questions to drive rapid entrepreneurship, starting with the principal question: how many jobs can we create here? You can use this tool to progressively develop your opportunities to make them more fertile, and your sponsorship pitches even more compelling.

OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS: 12 key factors that help to frame and catalyse opportunity conception within the landscape to build new venture(s) proposals.

[6] WHAT IF…


See also:

What having opportunity feels like

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Rough visual landscaping is always an early part of conceptual business development. See my examples here

And, on how to spend £4 billion of someone else’s money and be sure to get absolutely nothing for it, see



1. Follow my own RED progress and see the emerging R1 toolset live as it all unfolds.

Julian’s LIVE R1 landscape for #REDclub

2. Join in our #REDclub.

Discuss with me on this as you like – maybe you will be landscaping your own nextbigthing alongside me? To be free and in the open on all sides via @julianpRED



PS: And I really think it’s time we put a stop to this public sector disservice. The bullying of the unemployed has to stop.

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