Home Loan – Test the Market with Lodex

When was the last time you checked if you could get a better deal on your home loan? No one wants to be paying too much in interest if they don't have to So there's no drama in testing the market to see what else is out there

Refinancing could mean a lower interest rate and putting more of your hard-earned money back into your pocket We built Lodex to help you test the market fast and free for a better rate than the one you already have Lodex is the perfect place to scour the market for refinancing opportunities where both lenders and brokers come to you in an auction-style environment So that they're competing for your business Simply build your profile by getting your credit score on the Lodex platform

You could choose to get a social score too, then anonymously post a loan request If you like the look of a response, pick your winner and Lodex will put you in touch to negotiate from there There's no commitment required and it's 100% free So don't settle for second best when it comes to your home loan Jump on Lodex now and in just five minutes you can check out how your current loan could be shaping up

Oh and don't forget to always check the details