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What's stopping YOU from buying your dream home? For most first-time buyers, the biggest roadblock is either the down payment, or the expensive mortgage insurance that comes with putting less than 20% down But what if you could get a low down payment and avoid monthly mortgage insurance? With "Conventional 3 Percent Down Loan" from your independent mortgage broker, you can

These loans let you put down as little as 3 percent With no upfront mortgage insurance, reduced, or no, monthly MI, and usually a lower monthly payment! How does it work? Unlike FHA, conventional 3% down loans have fewer restrictions They also offer more flexible appraisals and faster closings

All of which will make your offer more attractive to sellers Ready Set Home! Clear the way to your dream home with just 3% down! Ask us about our Conventional 3% Down Loan today AlabamaMortgageLoans

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