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That holds accurate the early morning of September 13, my mother used


When do milk, located that home will jump up, and soybean milk fever was really strong to jump two occasions charged, be put out milk produced here to discuss, the 9 Yang Soymilk make soy milk, till the final effectively, inside the motor are to be moved to, or soy milk and the positive aspects it will all end up, in truth, in other words, we do milk, when the motor is superb, but my mother felt terrible fever, definitely problem, known as I sent out Aftermarket


Beneath the Ministry of repair, so I will be sent to the 9 machines the Department of Xuhui District, Shenyang Aftermarket Division, Division of Civil

Residence Appliances

Upkeep shops, Address: 31, Lane 380 Tian Yao Qiao Roadway Tel:021 -64488 ***.

Was sent out in the past, when opened, and found a fantastic deal of water, at that time did not think about, we have actually developed on the side.

Results on September 16 or 17, when employee get in touch with each and every other, that the motor is broken, to obtain 95 to alter, I was no contract, since, sent out prior to the motor confident is good.

To Sept. 19 to get it back, make the work not as well concerned about when the house lights are dark, they asked the other celebration, why is that my motor is poor, the other description: Generally that water and jumping energy, the motor is bad. Oh, this analysis moron heard of them.

Got home, my mother found how such an old machine, surface location grinding marks is incredibly severe, we invested 5 months in property care with issues that are not possible to grind like this, as properly as the surface location of the corner quite thick putty. My mom washed five times, no wash, before you understand Na Qu, do not use track surface location point, and now it looks like I undoubtedly can not be developed at a time when the upkeep is truly simple, all the surface area of the cylinder a wear scar, not the 1:30 Council will utilize them, and heating tube surface is also black, Hu substrate, every single time we lack clean washing machines, and can not have these items, so we conclude that not our devices, even so the motor is undesirable.

9 20 the early morning, I went to the official web site, Soymilk Yang 9 were


. Maintenance at the Division of Xuhui District asserts


Give me up and asked me precisely what the situation, I voiced after once again, in charge would not cease searching for me inside the holes, wishing to uncover the point mark, sadly not been profitable, attitudes Mody, a lot like I owe Like him, it is bad, and ultimately stated, let me bring machines and billings in the previous.

Me and my mom and father went to the upkeep division, the owner, satisfied, on that play ball, have said they did not query the ramification that we are vexatious, has truly been unwilling to talk about Why such an old device difficulties, and rely on state what the billing how and how, wake later, the employer set up as supportive as we do that, I can help you repair, you wish to state thank you to me. This is his precise words, I genuinely do not know specifically what the high quality of such folks in the end.

Finish result is to support us chose a motor, even so is not recognized for our devices.

I just wish to use two words to describe: wicked.

Manager timeless quotes:

1. The world ah, what individuals have. (The phone told me, suggesting that I am deliberately provocative)

two. Have you dissatisfied, and now I have a dispute was. (This was asked impress us, when unexpectedly came a)

three. I can assist you repair, you desire to say thank you to me. (To the finish, and provide herself the next step)

Very condemned such acts. 9 Yang business as production side, also has the duty not to retreat.

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