How to Be a Safe Real Estate Investor

We know that we never ever take a seller’s word when they tell us the quantity of their property mortgage balance, or their month-to-month payments, or their rate of interest. (We validate all of this by making use of the “permission to release details” sort. By making use of this form and performing our due diligence, we are safeguarding ourselves economically from doing a “negative offer you”. But exactly what about our personal safety? What about safeguarding us from physical damage?

I’ve remained in many “dubious” places as an investor. I’ve walked by means of vacant, boarded up homes at 1:00 in the morning with definitely practically nothing but a flashlight (but it was the huge Maglite that has to do with 2 feet extended and requires six D batteries). The most vital tip that I can supply you is to trust your instincts. Instincts are quite efficient when the hair rises on the back of your neck, you know that something’s not perfect.

There’s only been two celebrations in my investing profession that I did not go into someone’s residence. One time I remained in Baltimore City and I had really simply ended up a handle a neighborhood that I truly liked. It was a lovely day outside, so I chose to go knock on other doors to see if anyone else desired to sell their property.

When I was approaching a single residence, a lot of Huge individuals were out in the yard. I offered them my “pitch” about how I was browsing for residences in the location, yadda, yadda, yadda. They seemed interested and invited me to the basement to see your house. Now let me believe about this one … a lot of Huge guys welcome me into the basement … most most likely not a great concept (plus, I had a tension). I clearly decreased and gathered the constructing info whilst we talked in the backyard.

The second event was fairly just like the very first, and occurred in Fredericksburg, VA. I was carrying out work at a place I owned and amongst the subsequent-door neighbors came and asked if I would acquire their property. Some thing was not ideal with this individual and I did not enter into his home either.

So apart from trusting your digestive tract, precisely what else can you do? Well, I always bring a knife on me. It’s a small penknife with a clip, which I can clip to the within of my pants pocket. If I enter a “frightening” circumstance I can rapidly safe the knife to shield myself. Also, as I pointed out above, when I’m in uninhabited properties I bring a large, metal flashlight makings a excellent weapon.

One more crucial point you can do is to let an individual recognize exactly where you are going. If you happen to be going to meet a seller, give your spouse or a buddy the address of the creating. Let them recognize that you have a 7:00 appointment that evening at the address and if you are not house by 9:00, they ought to come trying to locate your body.

In all severity, no deal is worth your life, so be protected out there and use Outstanding JUDGEMENT!

Jason R. Hanson is the founder of National Investor Month, author of “The ideal ways to Develop a Realty Empire” and mentor to students all across America. To get a Free copy of Jason’s Special Report “The Expert’s Guide To Acquiring Your Very first Investment House in 83 Days or Less!” see or call 800-865-1702.

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 How to Be a Safe Real Estate Investor
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